Jun. 12th, 2009 05:35 pm
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Wow, I am in so much pain. My back feels like it's on fire, despite the extra strength advil I took. The worst part is, I can't recall how long ago I took it, so I don't know if I'm due for another one. And, because our emergency clinic is only 8-5 Monday to friday, I can't go until June 26th which is my next (week)day off. Without taking a day off work that is.

I'm very tempted to take a day off work however. The pain gets worse as I type, and I can't NOT type at this job.

In better news: only 20 days until we move! I'm getting so excited, even with all the packing we have to do on our days off. Our new landlady is being really nice, she's allowing us to move our stuff into the basement anytime, since the previous tenents moved out early. I can't believe we actually have a house. I will never ever live in apartment again, even if it means living at home until I'm 30.

There goes my lunch (half) hour, back to the grind stone. If anyone has any tips for how to relieve back strain while sitting at a computer all day I am all ears!
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Thanks to the generosity of those in LJ Land - namely [personal profile] ct/[livejournal.com profile] ctorres. Thanks again!

I'm a journal whore, so I have wa~ay too many journals, and no matter how many journals I start, I never know what to do with the first post. Mostly I'm just putting this in so as I play with the settings on the customization page I can see what effect they're having.

In the long run though? Who knows. Random crap about work, life, and (currently) no-existent love life? Probably. Posts of a fannish nature? Count on it. Occasional memes, quizzes, and assorted random interetz junk. Hell yeah!

:P Enjoy the rollercoaster of my life. One of us should, at least.

(I'm still not quite down with writing as if someone is actually reading these posts, nor do I like to write in a 'diary' style, because that is too personal for a public journal.)


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