tiggy: (pic#813643)
tiggy ([personal profile] tiggy) wrote2011-04-22 05:03 pm

Fic, Primeval, "Priorities"

Title: Priorities
Word Count: 100
Rating: G
Challenge: Cold Blood
Characters/Pairing: GEN, Claudia, et al
Warnings: un-betaed

Claudia Brown stood to one side. The SAS lads were setting up a perimeter fence, Connor was attempting to impress Abby, and Cutter and Hart were examining the Gorgonopsid's corpse.

She shivered, not sure if it was bravery that allowed the men get so close to the beast that nearly killed them, or if science was substituting in for common sense. Words like “ectothermy” and “endothermy” were being bandied about.

Honestly, with no way of knowing how frequent these anomalies were likely to become, whether or not the Gorgonopsid was cold-blooded was the very least of their problems!

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