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Fic, Torchwood, "It's the Clothes that Make a Man"

Title: It's the Clothes that Make a Man
Author: Tiggy
Characters: Jack, Ianto, mentions of Lisa
Rating: pg
Spoiler(s): 2x12
Word count: 732
Author's Note: I wrote this in response to a question I had when watching Fragments. Ianto first meets Jack wearing casual clothes. The same with their second meeting. So why was Ianto wearing a suit on the third and potentially most messy meeting? This little fic is to answer that question. It's also self beta-ed: I hope you enjoy anyway. Constructive Criticism is fully welcome!

There had been no artifice the first night he had met Captain Jack Harkness. Ianto had been taking a walk through the area around his rented flat and heard a commotion. Thinking he'd be walking in on either a drunken brawl or some indecent exposure (in his current state of mind he wasn't sure which he'd prefer) he had been rather surprised to see a weevil attacking a man. Torchwood trained, even if he hadn't been a field agent, he grabbed a stick and attacked. If he was being completely honest with himself, it felt nice to hit something as hard as possible, and considering how dangerous the creature was he didn't have to feel guilty about it.

When he saw the man he'd 'rescued' - and the lack of a ripped throat was a question for another day - he felt almost giddy. He'd spent the last three day trying to track this man down, and now here he was, pretending that he hadn't needed the help. Although the rescue wasn't planned, Ianto couldn't help but feel elated at the chance to talk to the elusive man. Things were starting to look up for Lisa.

According to popular opinion in London, Captain Jack Harkness was easy. Easy to get along with (as long as you did things his way), easy to please (keep the bureaucratic nonsense to a minimum), and easy to tumble (sentient and consenting, not a high bar there).

Now Ianto was glad that he was wearing what Lisa jokingly referred to as his "lady killer" outfit. Tight jeans, dark shirt, studded belt. He decided not to press his luck just then, however. The Captain didn't look to be in the best of moods, and he was obviously distracted by the alien. A throw away line about weevils, and Ianto knew he at least had the other man's interest. And the compliment didn't hurt either, he was sure.

Next thing to do was bribery. At 6:30 in the morning, and trying to show how very eager he was to take on even the most menial jobs, Ianto had stood outside the public entrance to Torchwood 3 - Cardiff. His heart lifted when the Captain had taken that first sip, only to plummet with rejection.

Apparently the man held some sort of grudge against London, however, Ianto soon realized. The good Captain blocked every attempt of Ianto's to try and ingratiate himself into the small Cardiff branch. One would think that saving a potential employer's life would go a ways to getting one's foot in the door. Apparently the Captain wasn't as happy with the ensemble he had been wearing as Lisa would have been.

Still, when bribery didn't work, flattery usually did. The bastard just preened and walked away.

Ianto didn't have time to chase the man down however. He still had to drive all the way to London to be in time for Lisa's funeral that afternoon, then back again to make sure Lisa got her next dose of painkillers. He tried not to contemplate too much on that thought. It would just give him a headache.

When he got back late that night, his GPS machine was wailing away beside Lisa, who was thankfully oblivious. He checked that she was out for the time being, and then set up a drip to feed her the next dosage. He caressed her cheek softly.

He pulled away reluctantly, and then picked up the flashing computer. It was alien tech that was linked to small microbes not unlike nano genes. These microbes were absorbed into the body system through the stomach and were almost completely undetectable, until they passed from the system in approximately 72 hours. The worst side effect was slightly discolored urine. Still, by the time Captain Harkness noticed his pee was green, Ianto planned to have a job with Torchwood 3 and be completely above suspicion.

Without stopping to change, Ianto had barreled out of the warehouse Lisa was stored in. He took the alien GPS unit with him and ran all the way to the other side of the warehouse district. It didn't take him long, just long enough to be able to move out in front of an oncoming SUV. Armed with nothing but a suit and a pterodactyl Ianto set out to convince Captain Jack Harkness that he couldn't do without one Jones, Ianto Jones.


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