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Fic, Torchwood, "On and On"

Fandom: Torchwood
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Raiting: Pg-13
Summary: Jack and Ianto through the ages. Somewhat dark, I think
Warnings: This is not anything to do with CoE, this is not a 'fix-it', I've just been toying with the idea that Jack and Ianto live forever. What is their relationship like after a million or more years?

He couldn't remember how long they had been chasing each other across the universe. Sometimes it seemed no time at all had passed since he had met Boe (Conly, Benjamin, Frim, Douglas, Zaneed, Jack), but more often it felt like the near-eternity it was. Sometimes when they met it was all they could do to get their clothes off in one piece. Equally as often they attempted to kill one another (guns, poisons, bombs, knives, bare-hands).

Not that the deaths ever stuck. Not that the sex meant forever.

He couldn't remember how they first met. Sometimes when they talk (post-coital, post-death) Boe would tell him tales of how it could have happened (alien invasion, on holiday, with a dinosaur, in the sewers, in the line of duty, with a dog). He wonders if Boe truly remembers, and is just unwilling to share, or their memory is equally faded.

He shakes away thoughts of gapped-teeth and sarcastic comments.

He couldn't remember when their relationship evolved from fire-forged love to this wild kaleidoscope of emotions (rage, disappointment, amusement, love, hatred). All he knows is that nothing gives him as much of a thrill as watching the light die from Boe's eyes, from knowing that next time it was his turn (if Boe was fast enough), or that they would end up using their aggression in a more pleasurable manner.

Sometimes Ianto truly hates Jack, because he feels that somehow, this is all his fault. The rest of the time he just wants to kiss him senseless.

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