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tiggy ([personal profile] tiggy) wrote2011-05-19 10:42 pm

Fic, Primeval, "The Thing About Dinosaurs"

Title: The Thing About Dinosaurs
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG
Challenge: Damaged
Characters/Pairing: gen, Lester, Connor, Becker, Matt
Warnings: un-betaed.
The thing about Dinosaurs is, Dinosaurs are wonderful things! Lester however, does not share this feeling

Lester stared at the men before him. Connor was studying the toes of his rather raggedy shoes, Matt at the folder containing his report, and Becker slightly to the left and above Lester's shoulder. That man made appearing to pay attention to his superiors into an art form.

"So. What you are trying to say, in your haphazard way, is that not only did three civilians, two officers, and a nun see the Dilong, but I we now owe the Holy Trinity Church a new stained glass window." It wasn't a question.

"Well, the thing is..."

"... it's not just one."

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